Pond Dipping at Pinkhill

On Sunday 19 September, Jeremy Biggs, the director of the Freshwater Habitats Trust, led eighteen people on a pond dipping walk at Pinkhill meadow ponds near Farmoor Reservoir.

Jeremy, wearing pond dipping waders, gave us a very interesting talk on the creation, management and importance of the ponds. However, the real excitement started when he boldly walked into one of the ponds, plunged in his net and swept it through the water in a figure of eight shape. He then tipped the contents into a white tray and we all gathered around.

At first the water only looked dirty but then tiny flecks began to dart and wiggle, and little legs and tissue thin wings started to show. Then we saw the mini-beasts like the larvae of dragonflies and so a mysterious world started to emerge and we were all enthralled. Everyone then had a go for themselves. The pond was teeming with life and we experienced a simple and rewarding way to get closer to nature. 

J Noel