Signs of Spring

In the last week, I’ve heard my first chiffchaff and seen my first bee fly, sure signs that spring is here.

Yesterday I saw brimstones, a peacock and a comma. During a vigorous gardening session today (another sign of spring) I found this beautiful beetle on my lavender – tentatively identified as a rosemary beetle (chrysolina americana).  Rosemary beetles are said to have arrived in this country from southern Europe and have spread from the London area since the 1990s. The RHS website assures me that they aren’t usually a serious problem in the garden. I hope they’re right!

Another sign I’m always pleased to find were these ‘Town Hall Clocks, also known as Moschatel (adoxa moschatellina), we found in some woods near Cherington last Sunday. They have four flowers like clock faces on a tower, and one on top ‘for the Spitfire pilots’. They like dampish woods and we may well find some at Whitehill Woods next Sunday (27 March).

Sue Morton, 20 March 2020