Colourful Bugs

John Cobb writes:

Butterflies and moths, and dragonflies are probably the largest, most spectacular insects we get in the UK and have a big following. Others, although much smaller, can also be colourful and worth a close look. If they’re busy feeding they also tend to stay put, and let you look at them!

Umbellifer flowers and grass seed-heads are good places to look. The pictures are of a couple of bugs (Hemiptera) I found recently and thought rather attractive.

Gryocoris stysi on hogweed, near Asthall.

I really like the geometric pattern of the Gryocoris stysi; the Leptoterna has a certain elegance. As far as I know neither is uncommon, and I counted at least twenty five G. stysi on a few plants.

The pictures were taken with a fairly basic smartphone and are a bit fuzzy; I hope to get some better ones. In any case, I hope they show that the smaller bugs are worth taking a close look at – a hand lens is quite useful but the camera in a smartphone is a reasonable substitute if you don’t have one.

Unlike butterflies and moths, bugs seldom have common names, and ID can be a bit tricky. The website is quite helpful, and they will identify things for you.

John Cobb 15 July 2022

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