Moth Morning at Shilton

Mary E. writes:

Thirteen members came along on the morning of 13 August to inspect the contents of three moth traps that had been placed in different locations the previous evening in and around a private garden in Shilton.

Thankfully, moth expert Julian Howe was on hand to help identify 68 species of moth, some of which put in an appearance in two or all  three traps. It was relatively late in the season so we didn’t see any of the more spectacular Hawkmoths although on the following morning a Poplar Hawkmoth did put in an appearance in my own garden trap.

Some notable species were Iron Prominent, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Frosted Orange, Lychnis, Maiden’s Blush, Marbled Green, Ruby Tiger, Spectacle and Sallow Kitten. A full species list can be found here.

The refreshments [bacon sandwiches!] were appreciated by everyone, as was the opportunity to meet in person after many months of restrictions.

Our thanks to Julian for sharing his expertise and to our hosts, Ralph and Veronica who enjoyed the whole experience, so much so that the club has an invitation to return next year.

Mary Elford