Orphan Swift Successfully Released

David R. writes:

Following on from my blog of 27 July about an Orphan Swift, Gillian, the lady who took care of it, contacted me to say that our little Swift had put on weight and grown into a nice strong bird.

The bird was released at a healthy 44 grammes on 20th August.   I wonder where that bird will return to in future years.

Northern Wheatear (photo by Bob Buckler).

Autumn migration is well on its way now. My daily dog walk in Shilton takes me across the fields from the churchyard. Over the last few days I have been seeing Northern Wheatears stopping off on some of the stone walls. Yesterday I saw six perched on the walls and dropping down into the grass to look for food, all first year birds. This morning I watched two more and at the same time six Swallows flew over very low looking for insects.